Welcome Back, Royal

Meet the Royal: a classic Saeco favorite, now back with cutting-edge technology and a high-level design. This iconic machine, cherished worldwide in the OCS segment, has been reimagined with a bold new identity.

Sleek. Professional. Functional.

Royal boasts a bold design and a stylish image, featuring professional and functional components. Its capacitive interface with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display simplifies beverage selection and adds a futuristic flair. Combining high performance with a high-tech appearance, Royal is versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any workplace, from elegant offices to casual settings.

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Saeco Royal Plus

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Product Description

Introducing a timeless icon: the Saecco Royal Plus. Now revamped with cutting-edge technology and high-level design, Royal is back and better than ever. As a beloved Saeco classic in the OCS segment, it's appreciated worldwide and now boasts a bold, new identity.



  • Bold design and stylish image with professional and functional components
  • Capacitive interface featuring photo-realistic icons
  • Removable brewing unit for easy maintenance
  • Durable steel conical blades
  • Height-adjustable dispenser for various cup sizes
  • Independent hot water nozzle
  • Advanced electronics pre-engineered for Bluetooth connectivity



Dimensions 280 x 398 x 460mm
Weight 10kg
Colour Matt Black
Power Supply 230 V/50 Hz
Absorbed Power 1400 W
Hydraulic System Single Circuit
Hot Water / Steam Nozzle Independent
Water Supply  Independent Tank
Coffee Beans Container 600 gr
Water Tank 2.5 L
Coffee Grounds Container 18
Cappuccinatore Semi-automatic
Coffee Grinder With Steel Conical Blades
Grinder Settings Manual, 8-settings
Coffee Strength Adjustment Manual, from 6-10gr, 7 levels
Electronic Pre-infusion Yes
Coffee Dispenser Height Adjustment Yes (75-160mm)
Graphic display with icons and text messages Yes
One Touch Cappuccino/Latte Macchiato
Possibility to install the cappuccinatore on the right or the left side
Payment Systems
No - remote management via Saeco Pro.Up with optional Bluetooth kit
Use Domestic


User Manual


Automatically better coffee.