Cleaning consistency with the Cafelier C2

Cleaning consistency with the Cafelier C2

A world first, and the Barista’s new best friend: CAFELIER C2 - automated cleaning for the professional espresso machine.

There is as much an art to maintaining the consistency of coffee flavour, as there is in perfecting it. 

Whilst a clean shower screen is an essential element of either process, any Barista can attest that throughout the working day it can quickly become an effort to stay on top of, and great coffee can becomes tarnished by burnt, bitter flavours. 

Heaven forbid screens end up only being cleaned daily; thankfully, CAFELIER C2 allows Baristas to clean effortlessly throughout the working day - ensuring perfected coffee flavour remains consistent, every time. Perhaps understandably, it’s been met with welcome praise:


‘This has become my daily routine… it even comes with a blind filter for backflushing! The product is so convenient. The bristles are perfect and have the right pressure for the screen. I have been using it for the past 5 months and it's amazing.’ – thenakebarista_


Compatible with most professional and semi-professional espresso machines, its three simple steps make it ridiculously user friendly, (just attach, wait 10 seconds, and then detach – it’s that simple…) Add to this its high-end composition and robust design, making it ideal for machines with 57-58mm portafilters, and removing burnt coffee and oils from shower screens to ensure the continual smooth flow of coffee.

With such a simple device on hand to enable a Barista to maintain their perfected coffee flavours consistently (and with such ease), I really wouldn’t be at surprised to see the CAFELIER C2 quickly become a standard feature with most, if not all, professional espresso machines. 

Cafelier C2 how it works

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