PUQ Press

PUQ Press Gen 5 M6

An integrated tamper made for
MYONE, MY75 & MYG75 grinders by Victoria Arduino.

High Volume, Seamless Integration

Built to Fit Your Grinder

Designed with your existing grinder in mind, the M2 is compatible with the Mythos and Mythos II by Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino.

Designed to Maximise Bench Space

This space-saving model integrates seamlessly into your current setup. Perfect for those with space constraints and a penchant for a sleek, minimal bench.

Plug-and-Grind Capability

The M2 is incredibly easy to install directly under your grinder. No complex installation or downtime—just an automated tamper that optimises your workflow.

Standout Features

Your Tamping, Your Way

Whether you want to tailor your tamping to the coffee type or prioritise a quick workflow, our pre-set options let you adjust for speed, pressure, and number of tamps.

A Perfect Tamp, Every Time

Engineered to replace manual tamping, this device delivers precision and consistency with each use.

Clean and Understated Design

Created by baristas for baristas, we focus on aesthetics as much as functionality. Our design features tactile buttons and a discreet display, keeping things clean and minimal.

PUQ Press Gen 5 M6 - Automatic Coffee Tamper for Mythos MY75 & MYG75

Sale price$1,790.00
Color: Matt Black
Espresso Machine Brand: 58.3mm - La Marzocco / Slayer

Espresso Machine Brand

Product Description

PUQ Press M6 is designed for a seamless fit with Mythos MY75 and MYG75.

PUQ Press M6 has been developed to offer cafés a combined grind on-demand and precision tamping solution.

The unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design of the PUQ Press automatic tamper ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp - every time. 

We are so sure you'll love it that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • No need for counter space. Simply place your grinder on top and start serving consistent coffees easily.
  • 1 million tamps? Easily! The M6 comes with a two-year warranty. Regardless of the number of stamps, you’ll have it do.
  • The tamping profiles you want. A harder tamp to slow down the flow rate for a Flat White? Or speed up your workflow? We’ve got the profile for you.
  • New non-stick tamper finish. Less ground coffee sticks to your tamper due to our new non-stick finish.

Did you know?

Manual tamping can lead to musculoskeletal injury risks for baristas.

Click here for an independent comparison between Manual Tamping and Puqpress.



    NET WEIGHT  5.2 KG
    DIMENSIONS 37.5cm x 19.5cm x 13.8cm
    INPUT 110 - 240V AC 50-60Hz
    POWER  76 W
    PLUG TYPE  All
    TAMPER DIAMETER  53.0 - 58.3mm
    PORTAFILTER TYPE All types of portafilters. (Naked, Single Sprouts, and Double Sprouts)


    Click here to find out how to set up your Puqpress 

    *Puqpress Tamp head sizes are based on commercial application measurements. These sizes as indicated are a guide only. If you are purchasing domestic machines please ensure that you have correctly measured your filter basket diameter to ensure the most consistent tamp is achieved.

    Watch: PUQ Press Gen 5 M6


    The world’s first precision coffee tamper.


    Bunty G.

    Very satisfied

    Great service, the staff are very prompt at getting back to me and we’re very helpful I highly recommend using them for your equipment needs. Thanks.

    Timothy M.

    Perfect for the office

    Very happy with our Puqpress and grinder combo. Takes up very little space and greatly assists our staff to make great coffee for the team.

    Joshua A.

    You won't be disappointed

    A genuine treat to use and produces exceptional ground coffee. Just make sure you pair it with the best beans for the best result!