Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer - Jack

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  • Cool Touch Steam Wand - Both versions of the Perfect Moose are supplied with a Cool Touch double insulated wand that you can touch without burning your hand.
  • Hands Free Operation - No complicated menus. No room for error. Just place your jug on the Moose and wait for it to start.
  • Moving Steam Wand - The wand automatically copies every exact move a barista hand makes, preset by your specified recipe.
  • No Waste - No more overfilling and wasting milk as the system will prevent the user from using the Moose if jugs are too full.
  • Smart Moose Eye - The infrared eye monitors the temperature of the chosen liquid during the steaming cycle ensuring it's exactly how you want it.
  • Scale Pitcher Holder - Perfect Moose uses a weighing scale pitcher holder to measure the amount of liquid in order to adjust the steaming cycle.
  • Smart Moose Pitcher - The RFID tag on the bottom of each jug triggers the Moose to start steaming based on that exact jugs preset recipe profile. 



  • Standard Accessories 1 x white pitcher 50 cl milk-based | 1 x black pitcher 50 cl mixbased | 1 x green pitcher 50 cl plant-based (all including a RFID tag
    recipe) | installation kit
  • Dimensions Applicance W 120 x H 620 x D 350 (mm) W 4,724 x H 24,409 x D 13,78 (inches)
  • Dimensions Boiler W 120 x H 620 (598) x D140 (mm)
  • Jacks Backpack W 4,724 x H 24,409 (23,543) x D 5,511 (inches)
  • Weight Appliance Net 12,7 kg | Gross 16,7 kg (for transport)
  • Weight Boiler Net 7,3 kg | Gross 8,8 kg (for transport)
  • Power Appliance 40 watts
  • Power Boiler 2400 watts
  • Power Combination Appliance + Boiler 40 + 2400 = 2440 watts
  • Electrical Power Supply 200-230V / 50-60 Hz/1ph
  • Water Drainage Yes (small amounts of steam condensation) 
  • Water Supply Water supply to be provided
  • Dimensions Moose Box 1: Appliance 460 x 240 x 710 (mm)
  • Dimensions Moose Box 2: Jack's Backpack 240 x 240 x 710 (mm
  • Water Supply Water connection needed (filter connection necessary)

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