The New Standard: CAFELIER C2

The New Standard: CAFELIER C2
Cafelier C2 Product

CLEAN SWEEP: Since its arrival, CAFELIER C2 has quickly established itself within the line-up of the Barista’s go-to equipment for ensuring coffee quality.


“I really wouldn’t be at surprised to see the CAFELIER C2 quickly become a standard feature with most, if not all, professional espresso machines” – Brett Bolwell


Well… we called it, and we stand by it; as the CAFELIER C2 continues to be adopted by industry professionals across the globe, its near-effortless application sets new standards in cleanliness, proficiency, and consistency. Upon its release, the initial appeal to baristas came as no surprise: the quick and easy ten second cleaning cycle provides an opportunity to boost efficiency throughout the working day. 


Cafelier C2 Top Down


However, efficiency is just one facet of the jewel that is the CAFELIER C2; of the baristas and café-owners that integrate a CAFELIER C2 into their working day, there is also the noticeable increase in flavour consistency, as regular cleanings between pulls ensure that perfected coffee flavours are maintained for longer. If you work in, or own an establishment that implements coffee telemetry (such as the FLOW system) then by now you’ll have seen for yourself how maintaining variables within your process helps maintain the consistency of desired flavour profiles. To this end, the thorough and regular cleanings from a CAFELIER C2 help ensure that the last shot of the day, tastes just as fresh as the first one pulled. 


When all it takes is a quick ten-second cycle between shots to preserve the carefully crafted flavour profiles, there’s really not much left to discuss, which is why we’ve not only incorporated the CAFELIER C2 into our own set-up and processes here at Barista Technology Australia, but also why we’re offering a 5% discount in our online store for the rest of the month – to help promote this new standard for quality coffee. 


Cafelier C2 Blind Filter 


Click here for more information, or to purchase your own CAFELIER C2 today! Alternatively, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


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