Flo-Smart Cafe Milk Beverage Tap System

Hands-free, automated system is designed to bring speed, efficiency and cost reductions to any food / beverage operation. The Flo-Smart Touch can dispense up to 4 different pulp and sediment-free still beverages, dispensing the exact amount of beverage every single time.

Whether your beverage is delivered via chilled/refrigerated lines up to 40 meters away, or directly from the fridge unit below, the beverage is ready to be dispensed at a regulated and constant chilled temperature.

  • Increase beverage quality and consistency
  • Improve speed of delivery to customers
  • Drive efficiency of service
  • Reduce waste and cost with Flo-Smart

Flosmart is designed by an engineering team with over 70 years of combined beverage dispensing experience.

The intuitive user interface, combined with ergonomically designed hardware, smart design with robust function.

Design and function is centred around consistent delivery of beverage to the point of sale.

  • Touch User Interface
  • No waste – exact amount of beverage dispensed every single time
  • Beverage dispensed at a constant pre-determined temperature
  • No drip design
  • Includes jug rinser
  • Automated Pouring
  • Easiest cleaning milk tap on the market guaranteed! 
  • HACCP Certification
  • Good Design Award Gold Winner 2020

Cost Benefit & Processing Efficiency

Flosmart design and function centered around consistent delivery of beverage to the point-of-sale.

Application of the Flomart system delivers a higher net return for the business owner, forecasting and projections of service levels controlled like never before.

Flosmart has been purposely engineered to benefit businesses efficiency and service delivery. Accurate pour of your chilled beverage can be calibrated to ensure the exact pour amount is administered every time with no drips and no waste. With 4 or 2 dispensing options allowing for multiple liquids and increased efficiency.

  • Efficient and calibrated delivery of beverages to the point of sale
  • Re-allocation of resources for increased productivity
  • Increases customer thru-traffic
  • Reduces overheads previously associated with an inefficient process
  • Reduces costs via waste elimination
  • Reducing labour costs by up to 50% when used in conjunction with the  Perfect Moose has already been proven by large QSR's. 

Flosmart Sense Technology

Software interface providing a programmable walk away task efficiency. Programmable in any language. Technology ensures no drips no waste with it’s automated processing capacity.

Flo-Sense Technology allows a wide range of operators to use the system with ease

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Robust touch screen
  • Language agnostic

Smart Design and Function

Flosmart is designed and engineered with practicality in mind. Designed aesthetically for any counter-top, that addressed a wide range of practical needs:
  • Refrigerated line compatible
  • Bulk 18 Litre container option
  • Milk “Bladder” compatible
  • Quick disconnect fittings
Aesthetics of Flosmart
  • Designed to be: “Front and Center”
  • Flexible color options based on volume