“As an owner of 5 busy coffee shops in Adelaide, maintaining a consistent coffee across all stores considering every body tamps in a different manner is virtually impossible. But with our puqpress’ we are able to maintain perfect and consistent tamping everytime. I was promised a device that could be quicker and more consistent than even my most experienced barista of 14 years and the Puqpress from Barista Technologies not only delivered but amazed me in its reliability and speed. 2 years , and 6 ton of coffee per store, and the puqpress has NEVER let me down. A “must have” in any coffee shop”


Veneziano Coffee Roasters



We've had the puqpress for nearly 18 months. We have a total of 9 units and we've had only one issue in that time, which was fixed within hours. It's so easy to use and gives us a fantastic consistent coffee every time. Our staff love it's simplicity with no strain on arms and shoulders.

DEMI PTY LTD McDonald's Northern GC


Puq press has been a ‘game changer’ for the quality and consistency of our coffee. It eliminates the ‘hit n miss’ of the grinders tamp.
I wouldn’t run a coffee outlet without one!

McDonald's Harbourtown