Bellezza Chiara Flick Leaver Espresso Machine


Bellezza Chiara Flick Leaver Espresso Machine

Build the ultimate home setup by pairing the Bellezza Chiara with a Puqpress Mini to achieve the perfect tamp every time!

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Product Description

Espresso is passion. That’s why the Chiara bears one of the most beautiful Italian names. So nothing stands in your way of your espresso and cappuccino enjoyment at home. The 1.8-litre stainless steel boiler – as well as the elegant PID with pre-infusion control, complete the whole thing.



  • The 1.8-litre stainless steel boiler with an elegant PID with pre-infusion control to round it off.

  • The Bellezza Chiara body is built from high-quality stainless steel

  • Very Compact beautiful espresso machine

  • E61 Brew Group Head

  • Bellezza PID

  • Boiler Temperature Adjustable

  • Shot Timer

  • Pre-Infusion Time Adjustable



Model Bellezza Chiara Flick Leaver
Width 285 mm
Depth 350mm
Height 355mm
Power Capacity 2000 W / 220 V
Voltage / Amp Volts: 110 (range of 110-115) -  15A
Boiler Capacity 1.8 L
Net Weight 19 kg