Flow Grinder By Fiorenzato - (Limited Offer Includes 6 Months Flow Access)


Product Description

Flow, the leading coffee telemetry solution that serves the coffee industry, has partnered with Fiorenzato to give birth to the FLOW Grinder. A self-adjusting grinder that keeps your recipes consistent.

Key Features


Flow has partnered with Fiorenzato to bring you the Flow Grinder. Built on the proven F83 E XGi platform, sporting an 83mm burr-set and the XGi grind-by-weight system, the Flow grinder will perform in the most demanding environments, producing exceptional coffee under the heaviest of loads.


We’ve utilised the super smarts of the Flow platform to constantly target your recipe parameters while you focus on serving coffee after coffee. The Flow Grinder manages dry dose and grind size to optimise coffee quality.


The Flow Grinder talks directly to your Flow Gateway, meaning it can work with any volumetric coffee machine. Flow monitors your coffee extractions in real-time, updating the grinder continuously to ensure your coffee is made to your recipe every time.

      Fiorenzato F83 E XGI Pro Specifications

      Model Number F83 E XGI Pro
      Manufacturer Fiorenzato

      1350, 1550 rpm 

      Motor 650W
      Bean Hopper Capacity 1500g
      Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings
      Dimensions (w x h x d) 255 x 310 x 700 mm
      Grinder Material Hardened Steel
      Burr Diameter 83 mm
      Net Weight

      18.6 kg

      Boxed Weight

      19 kg