65mm Alinox Coated Grinding Disc Burrs


Why Alinox?

Mahlkonig E65S and E65S GBW grinding burrs are costly to cafes and those wanting to push the boundaries of coffee won't settle for anything but the best. Our latest Swiss-made precision Alinox coated 98mm burrs combine the highest grade coating available today along with an unmatched geometry.


Why Alinox Coated Burrs Are Superior

  • Alinox is the only certified food/medical grade coating in the market
  • Up to 7 x longer life than standard steel burrs. (Test results available)
  • Improve flavour profiles due to reduced heat
  • special geometry for perfect particle size distribution
  • Faster grinding
  • No seasoning
  • Medical certification of the coating
  • Manufacturers with ISO 9001 and 13485 standards
  • Cleaner mouth taste
  • Superior technology over Titanium, Carbon, or Red Speed
  • Espresso, Brew, and Turkish grind profiles
  • Designed and built in Switzerland
  • Reduce service costs by thousands of dollars



Each Set Contains:

  • 1 x Rotating Disc
  • 1 x Disc Fix
  • 4 x Mounting Screws

Warranty for Alinox coated grinding discs