The Barista Plus Package

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Colour: Black


Puqpress Model: Puqpress Q1

Puqpress Q1
Puqpress Q1
Puqpress Q2
Puqpress M2 (for Mythos One and 2)
Puqpress M3 (for E65S and E65 GBW)
Puqpress M4 (for Fiorenzato F83 and F64 Evo)
Puqpress M5 (for Mahlkonig E80S)
Puqpress M6 (for Mythos MY75 | MY85 | MYG75 | MYG85)
Puqpress Q1 (2021 Model)
Puqpress Q2 (2021 Model)

Bundle Description

Order a Perfect Moose Epic Greg Automatic Milk Steamer and get a free Puqpress of your choice! We are also throwing in a Cafelier C2 Automatic Espresso Cleaner and FLOW Telemetry System with 3 years of FREE monitoring.


What's included?


Make a perfect partnership with a free Puqpress—Q or M Series—with every Perfect Moose sold.

Perfect Moose is the latest smart, automated milk-steaming technology that takes over for the busy barista, reduces training issues, and increases output during busy times. 

Milk steaming requires a lot of skill, time, feel, and practice. Perfect Moose’s innovative technology gives you that extra pair of barista hands without needing that extra barista during peak times. No training is involved.

Perfect Moose mimics a barista's hands moving in and out of the milk to the desired stretch required.  Milk texture recipes are set within the RFID chip at the bottom of each smart jug. 




  • Cool Touch Steam Wand - Both versions of the Perfect Moose are supplied with a Cool Touch double insulated wand that you can touch without burning your hand.
  • Hands-Free Operation - No complicated menus. No room for error. Just place your jug on the Moose and wait for it to start.
  • Moving Steam Wand - The wand automatically copies every exact move a barista hand makes, preset by your specified recipe.
  • No Waste - No more overfilling and wasting milk as the system will prevent users from using the Moose if jugs are too full.
  • Smart Moose Eye - The infrared eye monitors the temperature of the chosen liquid during the steaming cycle, ensuring it's exactly how you want it.
  • Scale Pitcher Holder - Perfect Moose uses a weighing scale pitcher holder to measure the amount of liquid to adjust the steaming cycle.
  • Smart Moose Pitcher - The RFID tag on the bottom of each jug triggers the Moose to start steaming based on that exact jug's preset recipe profile. 



Perfect Moose Vs. Uber Milk

Click on the link below to look at the latest issue of Cafe Culture for their in-depth comparison of the Uber Milk vs the Perfect Moose.

Read the Cafe Culture article


Colour Options

Matt Black or Matt White

Included Accessories

5 x Smart Jugs 

1 x Installation Kit*

*Must be installed by an approved Perfect Moose Technician


(W x H x D)

120 x 620 x 350 mm 

4.72 x 24.4 x 13.8 inches


12.7 kg (net)

17.6 g (box weight)

Espresso Machine Requirements A semi-automatic espresso machine with a separate steam boiler produces a constant pressure between 1.3 and 1.4 bar (max. allowed = 1.5 bar) and a minimum power of 2400 watts.
Power (W) 40 watts
Electrical Power Supply 200-240V / 50-60  Hz / 1ph
Water Drainage Yes (for small amounts of steam condensation)
Water Supply No separate water supply is required.

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