Brugnetti Giulia Espresso Machine


Group: 3 Group

3 Group
3 Group
2 Group

Product Description


Introducing the Brugnetti Giulia, the perfect Italian coffee machine for your new café.

With its sleek and professional design, this machine instantly communicates to your customers that they're in for a treat.

Effortless workflow is at your fingertips with the convenient push/pull lever steam arms. The oversized steam arms provide ample space for two baristas, making it a breeze to create perfect frothy milk.

The digital shot timer for each group ensures precise timing, while the reliable E61 group head guarantees consistent coffee quality. Program up to 4 different volumetric doses, eliminating any guesswork for your staff.

Standard in matte black, the Brugnetti Giulia can be customized to suit your café's unique style.

For a cost-effective and well-built coffee machine that delivers exceptional coffee, the 'Giulia' should be at the top of your list.



  3 Groups
2 Groups
Boiler Capacity 17 L
10 L
Weight 75kg
Voltage 240 240
Power 6000w
860mm 630mm
Depth 560mm
Height 500mm


Brugnetti Giulia Espresso Machine