Masterful Milk Frothing and More

Introducing our premier commercial espresso machine, the Shotmaster ms-pro/ST, Designed for professional use, this powerhouse can simultaneously craft 8 different products, boasting effortless productivity with the capacity to produce up to 700 espressos per hour. Perfect for high-volume settings where delivering top-notch in-cup experiences is crucial.

Eversys Shotmaster


Model: Super Traditional

Super Traditional
Super Traditional
Pro Super Traditional

Variant: C


Product Description

Create ‘true espresso with a touch’ through the optimisation of technology coupled with traditional barista customs. As Eversys puts it, espresso is the true essence of the bean, and our mission is to reveal it, drink after drink.


    Eversys Shotmaster Data and Installation Sheet 

    Key Features

    700 espressos per hour
    (at 23s extraction time)
    170 hot water products per hour

    Eight products at the same timex

    Two steam wands with Everfoam


    Traditional By Design

    Eversys' vision has always been to create a narrative between the worlds of traditional and super-automatic machines.

    We deliver this by harmoniously blending authentic flavours and smells with innovative technology, for a coffee that tastes sensationally unique.


    "Eversys machines are as premium as it gets. Nothing compares to their consistency."

    - Stephanie Waltrop
    Cafe Owner

    "The Shotmaster has boosted productivity massively in my restaurant. Breakfast rushes are no longer a problem."

    Rob Dearden

    "Really easy to handle and produces quality coffee every time. Highly recommend!"

    Andrew Romano