La Cimbali M23UP Espresso Machine


Colour: Black


Group Head: 3 Group HG with Economizer

3 Group HG with Economizer
3 Group HG with Economizer
2 Group HG with Economizer

Product Description

The M23UP embodies sophistication and versatility, providing user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. Crafted from durable steel, this robust machine offers an ergonomic design. Its dependable fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system ensures top-notch performance, delivering excellent results in every cup.



Each group of the DT models has four buttons for dosed selections and one for continuous ON/OFF delivery Each group of the C models has one control for continuous ON/OFF delivery. Thermosyphon system. Built-in volumetric pump. Self-leveling of water in the boiler. Dual pressure gauge for checking the pressure of the pump and boiler.


  • The wide logo strip on the front of the M23UP is ideal for adding your own personalisation

  • Reliable, high-performance thermal system

  • Robust and ergonomic

  • Button pads with LEDs

  • Ergonomic filter-holder

  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance



La Cimbali M23UP Espresso Machine Brochure - PDF

La Cimbali M23UP Espresso Machine Technical Sheet - PDF