A Top-tier Professional Grinder

Perfect for coffee shops that serve high volumes and need to grind up to 3 kg per day. Victoria Arduino's research led to the development of the 'Silent-block' system, which reduces vibrations and minimizes unwanted noise. Additionally, the MDJ features flat 65mm burrs and a ventilated cover for improved performance.

Precise and Solid

The MDJ features a micrometric regulator with continuous intervals for highly precise grind adjustments. Its intuitive electronic display ensures ease of use. Designed to efficiently discharge all coffee from the chamber, the MDJ guarantees a clean and consistent ground coffee output.

The Next Generation of Grinding.

Nuova Simonelli MDJ On Demand

Sale price$2,585.00
Colour: Black

Product Description

The MDJ grinder combines advanced features for optimal performance. Its silent operation is achieved through a new suspension system that isolates the motor, eliminating unwanted noise. Precise grind control is ensured with micrometric adjustments and 75 mm flat burrs, while the clump crusher system eliminates static for a continuous coffee flow and minimal residue. The user-friendly touchscreen display provides complete control, and the design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring reliability and low costs. Additionally, the portafilter hook maximizes efficiency and simplifies the barista’s workflow.



      • Silent
      • Transparent bean hopper (1,6 Kg)
      • Special stainless steel flat burrs (75mm)
      • Body in die-cast aluminium with epoxy paint
      • Easy and intuitive control panel
      • LCD multifunction Display
      • Micrometric grinding regulation
      • LED Light
      • Portafilter hook


      Hopper 1.6 kg
      Burrs Steel
      Power 230 V/575W 115V/750 W
      Voltage 230/380 V (50/60 Hz)115 V (60Hz)
      Grinder Diameter
      75 mm
      Length 215 mm
      Height 605 mm
      Depth 290 mm
      15 kg