Meet Oscar

The Oscar home espresso machine features high-quality components, including a filter holder, a thermally controlled dispensing group, and a steam wand. At just 32 cm wide and equipped with a stainless steel body, Oscar fits perfectly in small spaces such as kitchens, coffee corners, offices, or Bed & Breakfasts, ensuring guests enjoy top-notch coffee.

Compact, Professional Performance.

Oscar is a high-performance coffee machine featuring professional components such as a portafilter, a thermally controlled dispensing group, and a steam wand. Its thermally controlled dispensing group, equipped with a pre-infusion system, ensures perfect extractions by extracting all of the coffee’s distinctive substances. Additionally, the efficient heat exchanger maintains a constant water temperature.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

Sale price$1,859.00
Colour: Black

Product Description

The Oscar II, like its predecessor, is designed to bring professional-quality espresso into the home. Featuring a new stainless steel and ABS body, the Oscar II introduces several useful enhancements that elevate the capabilities of an affordable home espresso machine.

These include an ergonomic steam lever, timed dosage, and an improved steam wand. Inside, the Oscar II retains its professional-sized group head and copper boiler, making it an ideal choice for any coffee enthusiast.



      • New material, new design: Among the new features of Oscar is the extensive use of stainless steel that immediately shows strength and solidity, as well as enhancing the machine.
      • Compact: At only 30 cm, Oscar can work in both a home and office setting.
      • Perfect extractions: The brewing unit is temperature compensated giving consistent and quality extractions.
      • Professional: Oscar enables the production of espressos or cappuccinos just like in a café. The thermo-compensated group and steaming system are derived from larger, professional machines.
      • Versatile: Available with a direct water line connection or a 2.3-litre reservoir to brew quality espresso anywhere.
      • Safe: The ergonomic, professional portafilters are designed to fit comfortably into the user’s hand.
      • Bypass (OPV)
      • Cool Touch steam wand
      • Timed dosing
      • Coloured ABS bodywork


      Boiler Capacity 2 L
      Water Tank Capacity 3 L
      Discharge Tank Capacity 1 L
      Steam Wand Switable 360° Included
      Voltage 110-230 V
      Maximum Power
      1200 W
      Length 300 mm
      Height 400 mm
      Depth 480 mm
      13 kg
      No. Programmed Hot Water Dosing Included


      User Manual


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