Rhino Pitcher Rinser - 300mm - Spinjet


Product Description

The Rhino Coffee Gear RHPR300-S – is the ideal bench companion for cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. With a smart honeycomb drain tray and innovative Actuator Star design, it prevents liquid build-up. The Rhino Spinjet Valve ensures a thorough clean by spraying and spinning simultaneously. It accommodates multiple milk pitchers at 300mm in length, making it a perfect fit for busy hospitality settings.

Standard Inclusions:

  • 1x Sink
  • 1x Spin jet spray mech with star
  • 1x Hexagon grate drip tray
  • 1 x John Guest Hose Adapter (drain hose not included)


Superior Mechanical Cleaning. Its unique spray and spin action ensures thorough cleaning, tackling tough residues like tea leaves, coffee grounds, and milk with ease.

Superior Drainage. Its honeycomb grate design reduces liquid build-up, ensuring easy cleaning. The low profile body with a wide, grate-free opening allows quick disposal of liquid, eliminating odors caused by waste.

Expanded Cleaning Possibilities. The Actuator Star allows easy cleaning of both small and larger vessels. For blender jugs and more, the Blender Adapter Kit is an ideal add-on with an extension rod and larger actuator for plungers, milkshake cups, and popular blender jugs.


Rhino Pitcher Rinser Specifications

Dimensions (W x L x D)  231mm x 354mm x 85mm
Material Stainless Steel
Drain Hose 25mm/1" (Not Included)
Certification NSF


Warranty Information:

  • 12 months Limited Warranty from the date of original purchase.
  • Warranty Exclusions:
    1. Excludes the cost of any associated labour.
    2. Standard maintenance on normal wear and tear parts including springs and seals. Replacement spare parts kit #RHSPVSK-01.
    3. Damage or fault due to misuse or incorrect installation.
    4. Defects that occur due to improper handling or poor water quality.

Installation Information:

  • Depth Requirements: The Rhino rinsers are 40mm deep, however, this is without fittings. We recommend at least 150mm of clearance under the bench for basic connection (this includes fall for the drain hose). The actual depth may differ depending on the location of the drain, the location of the water supply, or whether you use an elbow or a straight connector.
  • Installation: Due to slight variations in manufacturing design and the varying requirements of bench materials, it is strongly recommended to have the physical pitcher rinser on hand prior to cutting into benchtop surfaces. Bombora does not take responsibility for installation cut-out errors and provides the sizes and dimensions as a layout guide only.
  • It is recommended that a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) is used when installing on the mains water line. Click here to view


Rhino Pitcher Rinser Videos