Slayer Steam LP Espresso Coffee Machine


Model: 2 Group

2 Group
2 Group
3 Group

Colour: Standard

Bone Beige
Glossy White
Matte Black
Turquoise Blue

Product Description

Easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion, and volumetric settings.

This incredibly intuitive machine automatically records your settings as you dial in with the Record & Playback feature, making it easy to get your recipe right and then make the same great shot all day. You’ll experience the best of both worlds with the LP’s ability to work in both manual and volumetric modes.



  • Controllable independent pre-infusion programmable from 0-10 seconds
  • Post-infusion programmable by weight
  • Dual-volumetrics operation with two programmable doses per group head
  • 1-5 second auto purge activated automatically or on demand
  • Pressure reducer to set your pre- and post-infusion pressure (line pressure or lower).
  • Quick push button to activate full manual versus volumetric mode
  • An advanced algorithm allows volumetric setting by weight
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Electronic solenoid steam valves
  • Heads-up barista dashboard per group
  • Massive work surface
  • Wing channels keep wires & hoses hidden from view
  • Automatic shot lights
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Mirror-polished stainless steel body
  • Ink black wings and cup rail
  • Onyx Duratex actuators & handles.


Model 2 Group 3 Group
Width 890 mm 1130 mm
Depth 710 mm 710 mm
Height 420 mm 420 mm
Amp 25A
Boiler Capacity

7L / 1.7L-1.7L

12L / 1.7L-1.7L-1.7L
Net Weight