Mythos MY75 Coffee Grinder by Victoria Arduino

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Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 Coffee Grinder

With its 75 mm flat titanium burrs, powerful motor, micro-metric adjustments, and temperature control, the Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 makes a fantastic commercial grinder that gives your full control over one of the most important parameters in making good coffee.


The Mythos MY75 delivers uniform grounds at up to 3.5 grams per second thanks to its 75 mm flat burrs and powerful motor. Its micrometric adjustment and timed dosing also make it a breeze to dial in the precise requirements for your recipes. You can also set the grinding temperature between 20-50 degrees Celsius to bring out the best from your beans.

Last but not the least, the clump crusher positioned at the outlet spout helps distribute fluffy coffee grounds onto the portafilter, eliminating the need for a separate distributor.


All of Mythos MY75’s functionalities can be adjusted, set, and viewed through its impressive touchscreen which is also designed with tactile buttons. This commercial grinder is sleeker than the rest and has clean lines throughout so it can neatly fit into any space or even side by side with other Mythos grinders.

The machine also has fewer components and fewer screws to manipulate so you can open your grinder and clean it more easily.

Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 Coffee Grinder Features

75 mm flat burrs - The Mythos MY75 has 75 mm burrs made of titanium. Durable and reliable in producing a uniform grind throughout its lifetime.

Micrometric adjustment - The step-less grind adjustment allows you to get as close as you can get to the perfect grind size and dosing.

Temperature control - Bring out the best potential of your coffee beans by setting the ground temperature between 20-50 degrees Celsius.

Touchscreen - Access the intuitive adjustment system and all other info through the sleek touchscreen in front of the machine.

Clump crusher - The clump crusher located at the outlet spout disperses the ground neatly and evenly into your basket or dosing cup.

Programmed dosing - Set your dosing for a touch-and-go operation during the busiest times of the day.

Simpler maintenance - Designed to be taken apart with ease, the Mythos MY75 has fewer screws so you detach the panels effortlessly for maintenance.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 Coffee Grinder


Hopper Capacity


Burr Size

75mm Titanium Flat Burr


650 Watts


(L) 195 mm x (W) 350 mm x (H) 475 mm


24.5 kg

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Very satisfied

Great service, the staff are very prompt at getting back to me and we’re very helpful I highly recommend using them for your equipment needs. Thanks.

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Perfect for the office

Very happy with our Puqpress and grinder combo. Takes up very little space and greatly assists our staff to make great coffee for the team.

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A genuine treat to use and produces exceptional ground coffee. Just make sure you pair it with the best beans for the best result!